Social Media For Photographers

Many PicsCliq photographers have asked us questions about social media for photographers in the past few weeks.

Questions have ranged from simple questions like “How to set up my Facebook page” to  questions such as “What should be the goals of my social media efforts” and “How should I measure the ROI metrics on my social media.”

The PicsCliq team has decided help our photographers by forming an initiative to help educate photographers on how to utilize social media to grow your business.

We’ve come up with some ideas on the best ways to help educate photographers in the best practices of social media, such as a planning a dedicated category on our blog and video tutorials on our Youtube channel. We’ve also began to explore the possibility of hosting a conference here in NY, about the ins and outs of social media for photographers. We’ll certainly keep you posted.

However, most importantly, we’d love to hear from you some feedback and thoughts on what kind of topics you’d like us to cover? And, how would you like us to present the material to you?

Looking forward to getting this project off the ground!

The PicsCliq Team