Quick Facebook Tips For Photographers

While engaging with some of PicsCliq’s photographers on Facebook, there are a few items that often catch our attention. Facebook is one of the most powerful mediums to connect with clients, past and future. We figured we’d list a few tips that photographers may benefit from to optimize their Facebook page.

1. Facebook allows an image  180w x 540h for your profile image. Most photographer’s Facebook pages are only using about half of that. Utilize that space on your page to tell people more about you, to display your work or to let visitors to your page know where they can contact you.
2. Many savvy photographers are adding and utilizing different tabs on their page to add sections such as a contact page. One thing that photographers often skip is creating and setting up a “landing page” -the page a visitor is taken to as soon when they first come to your page. This should always be something inviting, letting the visitor know about you. Optimally, this tab should also ask the visitor to like your page. First, you must create a new tab with the welcome page. Then, login to your account as your “page” and click the “edit page” icon on the right upper corner. Click on “manage permissions” and you will see an option there called “Default landing tab”. Choose your newly created tab and you’re done!
3. Profile photos that are displayed on the top part of your page are a great place to show off your work and style. Make sure you rotate those photos and place photos there that you want to reflect your style.