PicsClick, PicsCliq, PixClick?

Ok, it’s been the hundredth time. Why did we name our company PicsCliq?

PicsCliq was actually born as PicsClics (nope not in early 2010. The name was chosen to represent the connecting of those that wanted Pics to those that took the clics. Cute. We thought so at least.

Then in late 2011, we realize PicsCliq was tackling something an itty bit bigger. PicsCliq was evolving into a company that  applications for connecting people, photos, and products in customized social environments. The name PicsCliq, thought of by our own Josh F., encapsulated that concept. Photos together with your network, or cliq(ue) with controls for  image owners for over how their assets are shared & consumed across social sites.

So that’s the scoop on the PicsCliq name.