CC Imagery

We tell our photographers that adding a new wedding as soon as possible is the best way to optimize the success of the wedding site. The sooner we know about the wedding, the more time we have to make sure the photographer, the bride and groom, and the wedding guests have everything they need to share the wedding site with all friends and family.

However, we did have a wedding photographer sign up for PicsCliq and use photos from a wedding in January to create an amazing live wedding site. Charles and Crissy, owners of CCImagery, are recent PicsCliq photographers who captured the wedding memories of Jessica & Jon’s Wedding months ago and they are now using PicsCliq to let Jessica and Jon easily share the wedding site with their friends and family via Facebook and email.

We are happy to have Charles and Crissy in our PicsCliq community and looking forward to more weddings in the future. Check out their first live wedding site with PicsCliq: Jessica & Jon’s Wedding.