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6 Reasons to Use PicsCliq

The secret is out. Photographers have been making more money per wedding using PicsCliq. To give you a brief overview of why PicsCliq may be worth checking out, we’ve put together a short list of reasons why PicsCliq will be … Continue reading

PicsClick, PicsCliq, PixClick?

Ok, it’s been the hundredth time. Why did we name our company PicsCliq? PicsCliq was actually born as PicsClics (nope not in early 2010. The name was chosen to represent the connecting of those that wanted Pics to those … Continue reading

Social Media For Photographers

Many PicsCliq photographers have asked us questions about social media for photographers in the past few weeks. Questions have ranged from simple questions like “How to set up my Facebook page” to  questions such as “What should be the goals … Continue reading

Hello Wedding Photographers

We launched PicsCliq to help wedding photographers make more money at each wedding. So far, we have sent out invite codes to a select group of photographers who have shown interest in using PicsCliq to increases their revenue. Many of them … Continue reading