6 Reasons to Use PicsCliq

The secret is out. Photographers have been making more money per wedding using PicsCliq.

To give you a brief overview of why PicsCliq may be worth checking out, we’ve put together a short list of reasons why PicsCliq will be incredibly beneficial for your business, which is included below in 6 clear steps. You owe it to your business to give it a read

Sales- Photographers are making more money per wedding using PicsCliq.The more people that are connected to the images you take, the more sales you will make. PicsCliq makes sure that you are not just selling your photos to the bride and groom, but to all wedding guests. We make sure all the guests are brought to the wedding site and we showcase your work in a very consumer driven manner that encourages clients to purchase your products, at no upfront cost to you.

Service- As a professional, the most important part of your business is the service you provide. We get it and we are committed to providing you with support  that is unparalleled in the industry. With phone support and email support, coupled with  our passion to make sure you are successful, you will find that we are here to help you build your business.

Distinguish Yourself- 67% of brides say that the ability to share their wedding images after the wedding influences their decision making when choosing a photographer. Provide your clients with the tools they desire, while increasing your sales, in a fun and secure environment.

Exposure- Wedding photographers strive for exposure. PicsCliq is devoted to exposing your photography website, your blog, your social network, in addition to every wedding site you create, all for the benefit of increasing your bottom line.

Community- When you join PicsCliq you are doing more than generating more sales, gaining new clients and receiving unparalleled assistance from our team, you are joining a close community of photographers that we are thrilled to be connected with. The PicsCliq team wants to make our photographers our family, so we are here to help, assist, answer questions, or chat 24/7.

Did We Mention Service? – Our business is built on it! For example, when you add your first wedding, a PicsCliq team member will contact you to get your mailing address so we can send you invite cards for you to distribute at the wedding so guests will know how to access the wedding. We will also send you    a packet to give the bride and groom before the wedding, explaining that you are using PicsCliq, (which means that sharing photos with their friends and family will be exciting and fun.