Quick Facebook Tips For Photographers

While engaging with some of PicsCliq’s photographers on Facebook, there are a few items that often catch our attention. Facebook is one of the most powerful mediums to connect with clients, past and future. We figured we’d list a few tips that photographers may benefit from to optimize their Facebook page.

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CC Imagery

We tell our photographers that adding a new wedding as soon as possible is the best way to optimize the success of the wedding site. The sooner we know about the wedding, the more time we have to make sure the photographer, the bride and groom, and the wedding guests have everything they need to share the wedding site with all friends and family.

However, we did have a wedding photographer sign up for PicsCliq and use photos from a wedding in January to create an amazing live wedding site. Charles and Crissy, owners of CCImagery, are recent PicsCliq photographers who captured the wedding memories of Jessica & Jon’s Wedding months ago and they are now using PicsCliq to let Jessica and Jon easily share the wedding site with their friends and family via Facebook and email. Continue reading

A Loud Shout Out To Our New Friends

One of my favorite aspects of being PicsCliq team member is working so closely with real people everyday. Not just people, photographers… wedding photographers. I have found that I really enjoy the relationships I have built with our community of photographers. So, it comes as no surprise that we LOVE attending conferences and trade shows where we get to meet and greet photographers in person all day.

Returning from the latest convention and trade show, Photo North East, we felt very grateful to not have only run across old friends but to meet new and exciting photographers that we can now call friends. This year’s trade show had a variety of photography products from the industry’s leading manufacturers and we were proud to be a part of it.

Speaking one on one with individuals who use PicsCliq or those who are excited to give it a try is such a fulfilling experience because we are able to hear first hand what we are doing right or what we can do to make a photographers job a lot easier and make them more money, while making their clients happy and satisfied. While we appreciate the feedback and compliments, we welcome the criticism and suggestions, as we are always looking for ways to make the service even more suitable. Continue reading

6 Reasons to Use PicsCliq

The secret is out. Photographers have been making more money per wedding using PicsCliq.

To give you a brief overview of why PicsCliq may be worth checking out, we’ve put together a short list of reasons why PicsCliq will be incredibly beneficial for your business, which is included below in 6 clear steps. You owe it to your business to give it a read Continue reading

PicsClick, PicsCliq, PixClick?

Ok, it’s been the hundredth time. Why did we name our company PicsCliq?

PicsCliq was actually born as PicsClics (nope not picsclick.com) in early 2010. The name was chosen to represent the connecting of those that wanted Pics to those that took the clics. Cute. We thought so at least.

Then in late 2011, we realize PicsCliq was tackling something an itty bit bigger. PicsCliq was evolving into a company that  applications for connecting people, photos, and products in customized social environments. The name PicsCliq, thought of by our own Josh F., encapsulated that concept. Photos together with your network, or cliq(ue) with controls for  image owners for over how their assets are shared & consumed across social sites.

So that’s the scoop on the PicsCliq name.

Social Media For Photographers

Many PicsCliq photographers have asked us questions about social media for photographers in the past few weeks.

Questions have ranged from simple questions like “How to set up my Facebook page” to  questions such as “What should be the goals of my social media efforts” and “How should I measure the ROI metrics on my social media.”

The PicsCliq team has decided help our photographers by forming an initiative to help educate photographers on how to utilize social media to grow your business.

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Hello Wedding Photographers

We launched PicsCliq to help wedding photographers make more money at each wedding. So far, we have sent out invite codes to a select group of photographers who have shown interest in using PicsCliq to increases their revenue. Many of them have created accounts, added weddings to the new events, and photographers are using our services at weddings to share the memories and joy, not just with the bride and groom, but all wedding guests. Continue reading